Jaguar confirms there are no plans to re-open museum


Jaguar has confirmed that there are currently no plans to reopen its heritage centre after it closes in September.

Although the company pledges to continue to keep the cars in the public eye, and especially at high-profile events such as Goodwood and the Mille Miglia, a publicly accessible museum is definitely not on the cards at the moment.

A spokesman dismissed as "pure speculation" suggestions that the 150-strong collection would be moved into the nearby Coventry Transport Museum, however.

It has long been known that Jaguar would have to close the facility this year as part of its running down of the famous Browns Lane site, but many enthusiasts assumed that it would relocate immediately. That is now confirmed not to be the case for the foreseeable future.

The spokesman did stress that the company is aware of the demand and was not ruling out reopening the museum in the future when a suitable site became available.

He added: "It is an important collection and though there are no immediate plans to relocate it to a similar facility, as far as we are concerned our Heritage Centre is not closing at all – it is business as usual.

"In fact, there are very exciting plans for the collection in terms of activity, even if  there isn't going to be a central museum for the moment."

Many famous cars are currently housed in the museum between their forays to events, ranging from NUB 120, the ex-Appleyard 1950 XK120, and the 1966 XJ13, to C-, D- and E-types.

In 2009, the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust an independent educational charity that housed the vehicles, changed its name to Jaguar Heritage.

At that point, some 43 cars from from the collection were sold at auction and the museum became open to the public five days a week.



This is a very sad day for all Jaguar enthusiasts around the world.
Everyone should now unite and demonstrate to Jaguar that this situation is just not acceptable and these historic & unique cars deserve a new facility to convey the colourful history that is Jaguar.
Below is a facebook link that has lots of material and detail regarding this matter.


This is nothing short of scandalous. A company with such a pedigree of racing and involvement in motor sport takes away from the public the right to see their boyhood heroes, to take in the odour of long lost times, even to relive memories perhaps for the older ones amongst us.

Many is the time I have been there, mostly in the happy times when the factory was operational (followed by a convivial drink at the works social club - now demolished of course) and even recently to research one particular car in the archives. Tony O'Keefe, Anders Clausager and his assistant Karam have always bent over backwards to be helpful but where are we left now? Will we still be able to research in the archives, or will we find them casually piled in a skip at the closing of the fateful day?

Perhaps I protest too much, but I am truly shocked at the cavalier attitude taken by the trustees of Jaguar Heritage, who have known about the need to move since the sale of the land in 2005. I can't see Ferrari (who on the contrary have I believe just spent £20 million improbving their museum facilities) or Mercedes taking this approach even in these straightened times.

Most of all I feel sorry for all the employees and we must not forget all the volunteers who gave willingly of their time and helped run this museum. Without these unsung heroes the museum would never have functioned.

Tony Brown

Le Mans


Agree this is very short sighted,Jaguar`s complete history not to be seen by the public,if Jaguar want to compete with their rival brands
such as Porsche,BMW,Mercedes and Ferrari they need to educate
the car buying market of their history. Is in the would like to meet the person/s who are making these decisions and rub their noses
in the facts.


These are dark days for all Jaguar enthusiasts. As we gear up to celebrate 90 years since the formation of the Swallow car Company, the future of the Jaguar Heritage Collection hangs in the balance. A car has worn the famous Jaguar badge since 1935. In my opinion, an opportunity was missed in 2008 when demolition of the Browns lane production facility began. The original factory entrance, Sir William Lyons office,the factory showroom and frontage should have been saved. Jaguar has been associated with the site since 1951 when the late great Sir William Lyons started production there. This piece of England should have remained forever Jaguar. Instead the decision was taken to raise it to the ground and in September this Year, the final chapter of Jaguars illustrious Browns lane history comes to an end as the Heritage centre closes its doors for the final time. The Coventry planning meeting relative to the 19 houses proposed for the site is tonight. Eventually Jaguars presence at Browns lane is likely to be replaced by a blue plaque, explaining what once happened there. In the wake of JLR announcing huge profits it is difficult to understand why there are no specific plans to re home this famous collection. This issue is not recent, it has been on the agenda since the 2008 sale of Jaguar, so why have decisions regarding these unique cars not been made thus far? To date there are no firm plans and the almost 200 strong collection looks set to languish in storage with no public access. Jaguar have said as far as they are concerned it is business as usual for Heritage, well let's clarify what that means. They are set to support premier events around the world such as the Mille Miglia, Goodwood and large automotive shows, these activities centre around approx 15 famous cars such as the Le Mans cars, XJ13, XJ 220 and the iconic E type. These can be collected and delivered from storage as and when required. So what for the other 150 plus cars? As far as the dedicated Heritage team are concerned it is far from business as usual. The archives are set to move in one direction, the workshops have moved to another and the staff are off to an office on an industrial estate near Whitley. Quite how they are supposed to carry out their ambassadorial duties with both Jaguar customers and enthusiasts under these circumstances ceases to amaze me. When asked to see the famous cars, are they to decline or take them to a dusty storage facility, lift a sheet and say " this is what made Jaguar great ! "
There is footage of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi museums free for all to see on You-Tube ( also on earlier posts on this page ) All their facilities have recently been upgraded and are exceptional. Sir Williams life is often likened to Enzo Ferrari and ironically Ferrari are set to open a 20 million extension to their museum in March dedicated to that remarkable man. This is what we are campaigning for, a dedicated facility for public and enthusiasts alike to interact & appreciate Jaguars colourful past. I feel sure that i speak for all enthusiasts around the world when i ask JLR to take note of the strength of feeling surrounding this subject and ask that they undertake to provide a facility to show the world all that has made Jaguar great.!/pages/Jaguar-Heritage-Centre-Museum-Closing-September-2012-NO-plans-to-relocate/321510721226058

Gaynor Cauter

Jaguar lovers breathe easy! The latest news regarding the future of Heritage comes from Roger Kemp, a director of the Jaguar Drivers' Club, who has posted a comment on the club's Facebook page. He has spoken to a director of Jaguar Cars who assured him not only of the company's commitment to Heritage – both the cars and the staff – but to finding a 'new and permanent site' for the museum. He also said that we can 'anticipate positive news in the near future'.
Hopefully, this should put people's minds at rest regarding the future of Jaguar Heritage and its cars – Jaguar, the company, is hardly likely to turn its back on such a high-profile advertisement for everything that's great about the marque and the indications are that they have no intention of doing so.

Gaynor Cauter

Gaynor Cauter

Further to my last comment, the club has received further reassurance from Jaguar that far from abandoning the idea of replacing the museum, they are actively looking for a suitable site.
The latest posting on the JDC Facebook pages carries the following statement by Ken McConomy – Jaguar Global PR Director and Jaguar Heritage Trustee:
''The Jaguar Heritage trustees and JLR are aware of the increasing rumours around the future of the Jaguar Heritage Museum and its operations.
"I want to assure everyone that we have agreed a mid-term solution where Jaguar Heritage staff will relocate to new office premises, close to Jaguar Land Rover's corporate headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. The longer term vision is that we will have an all new Jaguar Heritage museum; however we are not disclosing any further details at the moment.
"Hopefully this clarifies the situation and confirms that Jaguar's heritage is very important to Jaguar's new leadership team, in fact we will be making a formal announcement about Jaguar Heritage and its future strategic direction next month. The Jaguar brand will always protect and preserve its priceless heritage.
"We will confirm a series of global Jaguar Heritage events for this year, with the team attending an increasing number of activities with our historic sports cars.''

Gaynor Cauter


I really hate that they are not going to reopen the jaguar museum. I would hope that they would relocate it somewhere. I see a lot of people missing this place in the future. I Think the business will benefit from it.
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That's too bad, I know for a fact that many Jaguar fans were hoping for the museum to open. I am still waiting for those relocation news. I've always been a fan of Jaguar, I'm even close to getting a deal with the Jaguar dealership Cherry Hill, I also want the chance to see the museum, it would mean a lot.


Knowing what proportion I loved the car, took me to a Jaguar meet at the Transportation Museum in Boston. How nice it absolutely was to envision this masterpiece up shut. I used to be completely breathless. A European contingent of Lotuses and Ferraris were in attendance, paying their respect. They were terribly nice.
Vehicle Trackers


Bloody hell Jaguar, how much does a big shed cost these days?

Companies seem wrapped up in the idea that museums need masses of interactive 3-D whizzimigigs to keep the X-factor generation happy (witness Musee Dell'auto in Turin) . You don't need to employ a foppish haired museum designer, just fill it with interesting cars!

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