Jensen revived as new model unveiled

| 25 Feb 2015

The first new Jensen model since 2001 was revealed today, including tantalising images of the car's full-size clay rendering. The Jensen GT is the first new model to be unveiled since the demise of the S-V8.

While clearly taking some styling cues from the original Jensens, its designers are keen to distance the GT from a 'new' Interceptor, which is expected to be unveiled next year.

After years of legal wrangling over the Jensen name, the GT has been launched by the Jensen Group. It will be built by Jensen International Automotive – known for their modified Interceptor R models – and a production run of just 80 examples has been planned, with each car expected to cost in the region of £350,000. 

Jensen GT

The Jensen GT will be built by hand, with the first prototype expected to break cover in early 2016. 

"With the GT being a true low volume, hand-built car, its design and construction reflects that," said a spokesman. "The use of a spaceframe chassis integrated with a composite structure, moulded and hand-formed panels applied to a modern take on the traditional Superleggera body building technique, blended with selected carry over parts, allows us to produce a unique yet extremely accomplished vehicle in the true spirit of the Jensen marque."