Lottery could boost Gaydon displays

| 31 Oct 2011

The Heritage Motor Centre could be set to double the number of cars on display following an initial grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund expansion plans by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.The £51,100 initial budget authorised by the HLF will allow the BMIHT to progress its plans for an HLF submission to back the development of the Multi-Story: Museum’s Collections Centre at the HMC in Warwickshire.The proposed £2.5m purpose-built facility will allow the BMIHT to display its entire, 300-strong collection of cars – many of which are in storage – instead of the Gaydon Museum’s current 160 capacity.

HMC’s Head of Collections & Interpretation, Tim Bryan (above) said: "We are delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund has pledged its support for our project, which will help us to make our collection far more accessible than before and enable people to learn more about the motor industry which has played such an important role in the West Midlands.”Following the initial award, the BMIHT has up to two years to submit fully developed proposals to win HLF funds to develop the new facility.See Heritage Motor Centre for more.