Lotus Elan stars in July’s Classic & Sports Car

| 1 Jun 2012

Jam-packed with everything from the absolute best of British sports cars to performance legends and historical beauties, plus all the regulars you know and love, it could only be the latest issue of C&SC.

Special mention goes to this issue’s dissection of the model range that defined Lotus, but not – says James Elliott – a generation of sports cars, as he gets to grips with his automotive sweetheart the Elan.

Then Alastair Clements takes another British sports car for a spin: the car that convinced Peter Wheeler to buy TVR – the Taimar Turbo.

Meanwhile James Page takes an MGA for a B-road jaunt back to its place of manufacture and the roads it was honed on.

Page also drives two cars of a completely different flavour, this time coming from the rough and ready brand of performance that could only derive from a Cosworth-powered Ford.

In the year of the RS500’s 25th Anniversary, he investigates the motor sport programme that led to the production of this halo car, then takes both it and its race-ready big brother out for a leg-stretch.

Dealing with a vehicle of a more elegant persuasion is Mick Walsh who this month meets the Bugatti that ‘was built for the boss', Ettore’s supercharged Type 57.

Maybe as pretty is the Mercedes-Benz 220S, which Buckley compares with a Bristol 406 to show that luxury need not be ostentatious.

The next head-to-head comes courtesy of the Alfasud and Volkswagen’s Scirocco, two youngtimers penned by the same man – Giugiaro.

As usual, there’s our monthly updates on classic car ownership – the highs and lows – as we report on our own fleet, then guide you through buying one of the world’s most desirable and practical sports cars – the Mercedes SL R107.

And of course there’s regulars including columns, auction news and reviews, historic motor sport, discoveries and, last but not least, our free wallpapers, click the links below to download your favourites.  

Click here to download a fantastic group-shot of our featured Elans.

The splendid Bugatti Type 57: click here to download it.

This wonderful picture of the TVR Taimar is yours when you click here.

The legendary RS500, click here to download it in race and road-going guise.

Lurking in the shadows a lovely Scirocco, click here to get your wallpaper.