MGB makes a dramatic return to Abingdon

| 7 Dec 2011

The last MGB roadster built made a unique return to its birthplace on 1 December.The car, built on 23 October 1980, was hoisted up to the first floor of Abingdon’s County Hall Museum to enable the sports car to go on display in time for the model’s 50th anniversary.Practical limitations – the arched windows in a Grade 1-listed building – meant that the B, which is on long-term loan from the Heritage Motor Centre, had to be ‘posted’ on its side.

The shell, which had been stripped of its engine and gearbox and various other pieces to reduce weight, was lifted in a specially designed cradle that was raised off the street with a 30-ton scissor jack.

The installation was conducted and sponsored by the British Motor Heritage Trust.“As the only manufacturer of original-quality replacement panels and complete bodyshells for the ubiquitous MGB, we felt we were the appropriate company to help bring this challenging task to fruition,” said the BMHT’s John Yea.“2012 is the 50th anniversary of this perennially popular sports car, and it is very fitting that an example will be proudly displayed in the town where over 500,000 were built,” he added.