New C&SC on sale now including free 44-page E-type mag. Read on for free wallpaper and Mel Nichols in full

| 1 Sep 2011

The October 2011 issue of C&SC officially goes on sale in the UK today… and it’s a corker (even if we say it ourselves).

You may have already read  a lot about E-types this year as the iconic (not that word again) British sports-tourer celebrates its 50th birthday, but, as ever, C&SC shows the others how it’s done.

Every October issue of C&SC contains a special, free 44-page magazine dedicated to the Browns Lane great, with all-original material, great stories and sensational photography:

We’ve exclusively driven the most talked about E-type of recent years, the amazing Lindner-Nocker low-drag lightweight.

Julian Mackie has done a beautiful studio shoot of Series 1 Roadster and Coupé, complete with period model, while Mick Walsh tells the inside story of the E-type.

While these Jaguars were setting a new world record on track during the Silverstone Classic, C&SC was on hand to meet the owners and delve their passion for the model.

Reckon E-types are too pricey for you? Not necessarily so, we meet an ecstatic owner who picked one up for a pittance and tell you how you can do the same.

Alastair Clements’ ears are still ringing after driving Bob Tullius’ monster S3 V12 racer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and shares the experience with readers.

And finally, we race an E-type against an English Electric Lightning at Bruntingthorpe. Why? Well, why not? The result is a breathtaking set of pictures from master snapper James Lipman, so wonderful we thought you might like one for your desktop.

Just click here to download it full size for your screen. Enjoy.

Or for the action shot of this stunning pair, click here.

Of course, as well as the E-type magazine, there is a full, stonking 276-page issue of C&SC with all the latest news, sport and top columns, auction results and more.

Plus loads of great feature articles  including a bunch more anniversaries: Jaguar MkX, Mini Cooper, MG Midget.

On top of that we have a marvelllous Mercedes-Benz 540K, Christabel Carlisle, the early minicab wars recreated, the sexy and intriguing Bizzarrini Europa, a set of Simcas and an in-depth buyer’s guide to Ferrari 400s.

One of our favourite articles is on the compelling reminiscences of legendary car journo Mel Nichols, from an overnight epic in a Maserati Bora to street-parking  Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO in London. Mel’s memories are unmissable, so much so, that we’ve made the full stories that he wrote in period available on this website:

Click here to read all about the adventure when he brouight a Lambo trio of Countach, Urraco and Silhouette back to the UK from Italy. Very very quickly.

Click here for the unedited tale of passengering Hannu Mikkola in a Sport Quattro on a forest stage.

And click here for the full story on what was (until the McLaren F1 came along) the best car Mel had ever driven: the Porsche 959.

After reading all that, you’ll have plenty of vim and vigour to get out there and drive your classic car, so why not join us on the first official C&SC track day at Brands Hatch on 18 October. We can promise a fun day out with like-minded enthusiasts as one of the prettiest tracks in the world, but spaces are filling up fast. Click here for more detail or here to book on-line and for full terms and conditions. We hope to see you there.