Rowan Atkinson crashes F1


Comedian and television celebrity Rowan Atkinson escaped with minor injuries after crashing his McLaren F1 supercar last night.

Atkinson - famous for his role as the hapless, Mini-driving Mr Bean in his TV series of the same name - was behind the wheel of his McLaren when it hit a tree and then a lamp post near Peterborough last night (photo below taken by a passing motorist).

The TV star was taken to hospital with a shoulder injury that isn't life threatening but his F1 caught fire with the resulting blaze extinguished by fire services some 45 minutes later.

The prang occurred in Haddon at 7:30pm last night after Atkinson, a noted classic car enthusiast and collector, lost control of the 238mph supercar on the A605. 

He was taken by ambulance Peterborough District Hospital in Cambridgeshire and is expected to be discharged later today.



Aie Aie aie!!! not good isn't it?!

This is not an easy car to drive that's for sure. A little mistake and... BANG!! At least, I am sure we are all glad he is ok and no major injuries. Lucky escape I would say.


oh dear , oh dear .enthusiasm greater than ability methinks. twice now.

glad he's ok.

Dinsdale Piranha

I assume Ozzie that as you're happy to blame Rowan you witnessed the accident? Or perhaps you are a member of the Cambridgeshire Roads Policing Team and carried out a full investigation in to the cause? Jeez! For all we know he may have had to take evasive action because of some other numpty on the road. Even if it was driver error, none of us are perfect and as for his ability, well I for one hope he recovers soon enough to compete at the Revival.  Which race will you be taking part in Ozzie? ;-)

And while I'm having a rant......doesn't mentioning the top speed of the F1 in the report make it read like some sensationalist Daily Mail article?


oooh,   sorry I did not know that you had to give a motoring  cirriculum vitae to make a relatively harmless comment about a public figure.

Consider my wrist slapped Dinsdale Piranha-  appropriate name by the way.

Dinsdale Piranha

Ozzie dear chap I apologise if I have offended you, that was not my intent.  It was the choice of words that got my back up, the reference to enthusiasm outweighing ability (Casey Stoner fan per chance?)  It seems to imply that someone was driving in a particularly reckless manner and I just feel it's unfair to suggest such a thing without evidence, no matter who the driver may be.  If indeed he was being an arse then I will be extremely disappointed, if one has a certain degree of skill behind the wheel and the means to fund such vehicles then it behoves one to behave appropriately.  I remain a grumpy old git, every forum needs one, however, I shall pour myself a large brandy, drink to your health and allow my blood pressure to return to normal!


What's appropriate about Dinsdale? ;-)


As Casey would say no worries mate.

But Il Dottore is il capo di tutti capi !

Aren't you the chap " who employed a combination of violence and sarcasm to intimidate the london underworld and bring the city to its knees"

It's me who needs a large brandy and drink to my lucky escape!!

Mind you at my age perhaps a nice cup of tea.

Dinsdale Piranha

You only have to worry if my brother Doug wants a word!


ozzies, why are you such a massive t***? may i ask? and trigger i totally agree with you

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