Sensational pre-WW1 Fiat found in Russia

| 31 May 2012

A totally original 99-year-old Fiat that once belonged to a General in the anti-Bolshevik White Army has been discovered in Russia.

The 1913 Fiat Tipo 5 – chassis number 16213 and engine number 163 – was unearthed by Dutchman Jan Bruijn, and will be displayed at Paleis Het Loo Concours in the Netherlands on 23-24 June.

In total, 457 of the cars were built from 1911-1916.

This example features a shortened Tipo 6 chassis, torpedo body with leather roof, and a 9-litre engine with shaft drive, dual-rear wheels and a 180-litre fuel tank.  

Inside, the gauges are French and include an inclinometer.

Russian army officer, Nikolayevich Wrangle, bought the car before going on to become a commander in the White Army leading his troops to the capture of Tsaritsyn (later known a Stalingrad).

Bruijn said: "It is very likely that the Fiat has not been used since 1928. It would explain the original state, which has not been repaired or restored.

"The condition of the car is absolutely unique and is a future contender for the Preservation Award at the famous Pebble Beach Concours."