Students sculpt out a future

| 10 Jun 2011

Three Automotive Design students from Coventry University have been short-listed in a competition to celebrate the 50th  anniversary of, you've guessed it, the Jaguar E-type.

The students will have their sculptures unveiled at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power from 15-17 July and the winner will have his sculpture reproduced in a limited edition.

More than 40 students took part in the first stage of the competition with a wide range of designs being created to celebrate the famous marque. Peter Neumark and his team then chose 10 students whose designs would go forward and these students were asked to enhance their designs and make models of their concepts.

A panel of three judges, Ian Callum, the head of design at Jaguar  Cars, Peter Neumark from CMC and David Barzilay then short listed three students whose work would go into the final stage.

“It was extremely difficult,” said Callum. “The standard of work was not only very high but also extremely varied but in the end we came up with three pieces of work that we wanted to see go to the model stage.”

The three pieces of work by students, Borys Dabropwski aged 21 from Goleniow in Poland, Claudio Barbato, aged 20, from Bedford and Qu Junyi aged 24 from Weihai in China will be unveiled at Cholmondeley.

David Browne, honorary teaching fellow at the school of art and design at Coventry University, said: “The competition represents a sculpturally investigative, creative and imaginative challenge to all participant students. It has given all of them something unique to put in their portfolios."