Timewarp Aston Martin tow car discovered in garage


A 1959 Aston Martin DB4 Series 1 that was purchased after the intervention of a concerned bank manager has been found by Hampshire dealer Mark Donaldson.

The machine was bought by its current owner for £950 in 1970 when his financial advisor, horrified at the thought his client may buy a Reliant Scimitar, increased his overdraft and recommended that it should be spent on “a real motor car”.

The Aston was the result and was used daily, for roles including towing a boat, by the smitten Dr Nightingale until 1986. The car was then put into storage and has barely moved since.

Originally painted Elusive Blue, the GT was resprayed to its current Dubonnet in 1961.

Now up for sale, it is said to be the ideal basis for a sympathetic restoration, with a smooth-running engine and strong oil pressure.

It comes with supporting documents and even a working copy of The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in the 8-Track.




That bank manager is my new favorite person.


It´s a great find Mark!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards,Juergen Brodesser

Don Callum

One of my dream cars, in my favourite colour, and is that a Roller next to it in the garage?


Headline say "One family Owned" so how can it be if the chap bought it in 1970 !!! :-)

928 Fan

^^ Because 'family owned' makes for a better headline. Since when has journalism been about getting the facts right? !

Nice find. Place your bets on the sale price? I'm going to go in at £200k


Those were the days when cars were cars AND Bank Managers were bank managers - don' get me started.......
Good luck to the new owner.
Irvin lap-straps if I'm not mistaken?
Cheers, Pewe.


A beautiful find and an amazing letter from Mr Murray! Those were the days!


Those were the days when you could speak to your`e bank manager
he or she would even know something about you,rather than today`s age of a ID number


That car could easily get almost over 300k if put up for auction.The Aston martin DB4 1959 model was one of the most sought after model of the 60's.It was a dream of many car lovers and even still is.The 1959 DB4 is a rare model and majority of what remains are owned by museums or crazy billionares.The strange thing that I noticed is that this car was used for meagre works like towing boats.I had a different outlook towards using this car.No mattter even if the car has been sitting idle for over two and a half decades,with some quality furnishing and restoration,the car will be almost as good as new.


How lovely... I remember wondering whether to buy a DB4 in this sort of nick in the 1980s, when the prices were still below five figures (really). I hope it isn't over-restored as some of them have been.

Incidentally, I wonder why it has a 1963 A-plate? Looks like the original has perhaps been sold, which is a shame: I don't remember Essex (NO) issuing the seven-digit plates until 1964.

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