Top Ferraris go to war in the new C&SC

| 2 Nov 2011

The new issue of C&SC goes on sale in the UK today starring a mighty showdown between the ubiquitous dream garage contender Ferrari Daytona and its much cheaper, some would say much better, Boxer successor.

With some stunning images by James Lipman, we thought you might like one for your desktop so just click here to download your copy of this story's lead picture.

There's loads more in the issue, too, including Al Clements testing an MG TF to see if it really does offer the perfect combination of vintage charm and classic performance. See some great video of Al in action here

James Elliott has been revisiting his youth in a pair of Audi siblings: the 100 saloon that his father bought and the Coupé S that the young car nut begged him to buy instead.

Talking of buying, it seems that the long-overdue appreciation of the De Tomaso Pantera is coming on strong and prices are on the move. If you are in the market for one, make sure you read our Buyer's Guide first.

If you are not, but just love the look of them, then click here for some free "wallpaper".

At the opposite end of revs scale is the unique 9000rpm Austin Twin-Cam screamer that Mick Walsh piloted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. What? You want "wallpaper" of that, too? Ok, click here and it's yours.

On top of that there is a fantastic unseen archive that delves behind the scenes of some Land Speed Record attempts, a pair of stately Siddeleys, an exclusive interview with tin-top legend Andy Rouse, a Radford-bodied Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud estate, and Jon Pressnell pits three look-alikes (Ford Model Y, Morris Eight and Singer Bantam) against each other to find the best 1930s small saloon.