Vulcan touches down in Doncaster

| 1 Apr 2011

OK, it's not a car, but we all love the Vulcan bomber and it is a regular at leading classic car events so we make no apologies for bringing you news of it here, especially when we have a picture such as this to share. 

The last flying Vulcan (XH558) is to spend the summer – and if negotiations work out, possibly the rest of its life – at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, formerly RAF Finningley. Appropriately, the new airport is where the mighty warbirds were based in the 1960s on Quick Reaction Alert as a key part of the UK's nuclear deterrent. At the time it was dubbed the 'home of the Vulcans'.

There are now plans to make the site the Vulcan's permanent home, building a heritage and engineering education centre around it. Vulcan to the Sky Trust chief exec Dr Robert Pleming said: "We are thrilled that the last flying Vulcan has come home. We all feel that something very special could be created here, but I must emphasise that these are early days in the discussions."

The Trust was the force behind the 10-year battle to return the plane to airworthiness and also spearheads the campaign to raise the £2 million a year it takes to keep it in the air (services cost a cool £120,000 a time!), despite no government funding. However, that is only £1 for every person who enjoyed seeing Woodford, Manchester-built XH588 in the air last year. To help keep this masterpiece of engineering – and living reminder of the Cold War – in the air go to Vulcan to the Sky's website and see how you can help.