Cobras are king at Monterey Reunion

| 22 Aug 2012

Monterey Week is as much about motor sport as it is about the big auctions and shows, as the 30,000 people who made it to Laguna Seca from 18-19 August will testify.

One of the highlights for the fans was the featured Cobra race. It was billed as a tribute to the late Carroll Shelby, who had intended to be at the race.

It was Jim Click who emerged victorious driving a 1964 289 and he duly paid a tribute to the Cobra’s creator, saying: “I knew Carroll Shelby; he did so much for racing and for Ford, so it is an honour for me to have won this race for Mr. Shelby.  This is the biggest win of my life.”

The race also included one of six Daytona Coupes built. It was running a comfortable third place before crashing out.

The Cobras were among 550 historic race cars that made up 17 groups and a weekend’s worth of competition.

The fastest grid was the 1981–1989 FIA Mfg. Championship & IMSA GTPs, which included Zac Brown race-winning 1986 Porsche 962.

At the other end of the scale, but no less exciting, were the Formula Juniors. Brit Mark Gillies (who now lives in Virginia) emerged from the 34-car race on top, driving his 1962 Lotus 22.  

The race for pre-1940s Sports, Racing and Touring cars included eight pre-WW1 cars, the oldest of which was a 1907 Renault Grand Prix owned by Alan Travis. The race would be won, though, by John Fitzpatrick in a 1939 BMW 328.

Other notable victories went to Paddins Dowling in a 1939 Maserati 4CL (1927-1951 Racing Cars), Wade Carter III in a 1976 March FA (1974-1980 Formula Atlantic Cars) and David Vegher in a 1979 Chevron B36 (1970-1979 Sports Racing Cars under 2000cc).

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