Leyland P76 still leads Peking-Paris with just 3000km to go

| 22 Jun 2013

After 164 hours on the road, Australian octogenarian Gerry Crown and teammate Matt Bryson are still leading the epic Peking Paris enduro in the 1973 Leyland P76.

The team leads from the British duo of Peter Lovett and Tim Smith, 23 minutes behind in their 1965 Porsche 911, with the ex-1974 World Cup Rally winning Citroën DS23 of Robbie Sherrard and Peter Washington clinging to third place after mechanical woes.

The Vintageants' class seems slightly more clear-cut with the British team of Phil Garratt and Kieron Brown opening up a 40 minute lead in their 1937 Chevy Fangio Coupe.

With four countries and more than 3000km still to travel before flagfall in Paris, though, anything can happen.

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