Rain ensures thrilling finale to Classic K enduro at Snetterton


Wet weather guaranteed a ding-dong battle in the CSCC Classic K one-hour race at Snetterton on Sunday (20 October). With six hour-long enduros planned for 2014, the Norforlk outing was a tantalising curtain-raiser for the revival series.

With slithery qualifying conditions, pole on the 21-car grid went to the Lotus Elan of Nick and Al Fleming, a heroic effort considering they had been up to 4am doing an engine swap after a snapped crank.

The Flemings shared the front row with another Elan, the S2 of Mark Halstead and Stuart McPherson.

Behind the Lotus duo, was a great mix of mainly British classics, but including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, Ginetta, Morgan, MG, Reliant, Triumph and TVR.

From flag-fall the Elans pulled away with John Davison's TVR Griffith in tow, but the Flemings retired after just six laps, leaving a nip-and-tuck two-car battle at the front in the then-dry conditions.

A safety car period to recover the David Erwin and Will Dick Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Super closed up the field and, with just 10 minutes to go, McPherson tried to pull off a demon move to go round the outside of the TVR at Murrays, but ended up sliding off giving Davison what looked like a five-second lead.

However, the return of the rain for the final five minutes of the race ensured a gripping finale, with Davison eventually spinning and letting the Elan through for the win, the lead pair having lapped the rest of the field twice.

Third overall was Jon Wolfe who masterfully guided home his Ford Falcon Sprint with Brian Arculus' Lotus Elite fourth overall.

For more on the 2014 series click here.  

Pictures: David Stallard



There might be another race here, judged by the Style Police...

...and the Elan wins hands down!

I love those TVRs - even endured owning one - but many of the current "Appendix K" cars are monstrosities, looking nothing like the cars in period, and I suspect the stuff going on under the mutant bodywork is nothing like in period either.

Of course I could be mistaken, but then we do have and FIA that allows replicas and rebodies.

Geoff Farmer, Kerry Horan and Roger Connell (all fine men and great drivers) managed to go very fast without resorting to such butchery.

But I guess it is what you want out of "historic" racing...

John Davison

James. You may be interested to know that the car I was driving at Snetterton is the ex Horan car. I bought it earlier this year from a well known enthusiast. As the car had not been used very much in the last few years it needed a lot of work to get it out on to the track which has been a lot of fun to do. It is a racing car and I bought it to race. I have raced it at the AMOC event at Brands, the Silverstone Classic and Oulton Gold Cup. As always with a car that has not been used much we have had plenty of reliability issues and as always I dare not add up what it has cost me to sort the car out. And we still some issues to sort out including some parts of the bodywork However, the car is a proper car. All of the parts are as they should be with the addition of modern safety equipment. That is both it's strength (straight line speed) and it's weakness (rear drum brakes and a very short wheelbase). The race that I had with the two 26Rs at Snetterton was exactly what you would expect, I could gap them on the straights but got caught in the twisty sections. I had to manage my brakes, whilst the 26Rs can go flat out all race long. The 26Rs have a substantial advantage in the wet. This contrast in characteristics is in evidence at any Pre 66 Masters race with the leading 26Rs of Fleming, Morris, Halstead and Wolfe and the leading Griffiths of Whittaker and McInerny. It makes for hugely entertaining racing. I also own the ex Sean Walker 26R and Mark Halstead (who was racing his yellow 26R at Snetterton) also has an orange Griffiths 400. Both the Griffith 400 and the Élan 26R are immense cars and it is my privilege to be the custodian of two with real history. When I want to drive a modern car on the track I do so. As long as the Horan car is in my hands, it will be as it should be, which is as it was when he drove it.

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