Rediscovered BHRC Cortina takes Shekhar Mehta Trophy

| 20 Feb 2013

British Historic Rally Championship contenders Callum Barney and Ron Channon have been awarded the Spirit of Rallying trophy after resurrecting the motor sport career of a Mk1 Ford Cortina.

Originally owned by Channon, the car was sold in 1970 to fund his entry into the London to Mexico World Cup rally. More than three decades later, it was discovered where it had been stored in the ’70s and recommissioned.

BHRC chairman David Lucas said: “Callum and Ron typify our ‘hard trier’ type of competitor. They have put huge efforts into rebuilding and then running a car simply to get out and enjoy their rallying. Shekhar Mehta would undoubtedly have approved of them as worthy winners.”

The trophy, which is named after the Kenyan Safari-Rally winner and former Datsun works driver, depicts a cheetah at full flight and is awarded annually to a person (or persons) who display a ‘press on regardless’ spirit.

Find out more about the championship, which this year will be broadcast on the Motors TV, on the organiser’s website.