Santa Pod’s dial-in day offers motor sport gateway

| 4 Dec 2012

A payment of just £35 will let enthusiasts power their classics up the famous quarter-mile at Santa Pod’s 23 March Run What You Brung meet.

Using a ‘dial-in day’ format, the event places an emphasis on the driver rather than the car. Competitors predict their run time – called the dial-in time – and are awarded a qualification position depending on how close they come to it.

The eliminations follow, with the faster car’s dial-in times being subtracted from the slower car’s figure to calculate its head start.

Competitors are slowly knocked out, with a trophy and a goody bag for the winner and runner-up.

The event follows the usual RWYB rules, requiring helmets and arm protectors for open-top cars and those travelling at more than 110mph when crossing the finishing line.

Entry to the event costs £10, with a £25 sign-on fee to participate. Find out more from the RWYB website or by calling 01234 782828.