Sterry wins toughest Pomeroy Trophy

| 25 Feb 2013

A Singer-engined HRG Sports driven by Dudley Sterry beat a strong Frazer Nash contingent to win the toughest ever Pomeroy Trophy on 23 February.

In sub-zero temperatures against Arctic winds, and through falling snow, Sterry scored highest on the five tests in this annual Vintage Sports-Car Club contest based at Silverstone.  

Closest rival was Alastair Pugh’s sleek Frazer Nash-BMW 328, with Martin Hunt’s Frazer Nash Targa Florio the first post-war car home in third.

As always, the event attracted a wonderfully diverse group of machines ranging from a pair of vintage Vauxhall 30-98s to a 2007 Ford Mustang GT. Just one Edwardian machine entered the challenge with the club’s PR manager Gillian Carr steadfastly suffering the freezing conditions.

“I struggled to get the 1914 Vauxhall started at 6.30am at home, but friend Henry Talbot turned out to give a tow,” said Carr.

“The 50 mile drive to Silverstone was awful as I could barely breathe due to the cold. During the first session the snow started to fall and vision was really poor. It was madness.”

Carr survived and collected the Edwardian Trophy for her impressive commitment in the exposed screen-less machine.

Highest placed lady entrant was Pia Bianchi who finished a strong fifth in her MGB just behind Jon Payne’s Peerless GT.

Top scoring youngster was George Diffey who gunned his father’s BMW 2002 to a notable first-class award and seventh overall.

The Pomeroy Trophy is an ideal indoctrination to circuit events as James Mitchell discovered with his Triumph TR3.

“I enjoyed every clutch slipping, over revving, brake locking, snow drenched moment,” enthused Mitchell after finishing 39th.

Pictures: Eric Sawyer