Grantura tribute to Malcolm Giles

| 13 Dec 2010

During the early '60s, a light-blue '61 TVR Grantura MkIIA was regularly to be seen around British race circuits, driven hard by Leslie Fryer from Enfield.Now registered 9762 MK, the car is owned by Cheryl Hayward. Her father, Malcolm Giles, bought the TVR in 1970 from Robert Hambly of Meonstoke, Hampshire. Giles owned several TVRs, keeping this one for the occasional sprint or track day.Before he could refurbish the car, he and his wife were tragically killed in a car crash in France, only two weeks after he retired.Hayward wants to return the car to its former glory in memory of her father. It now sits in the custody of Lotus and Coventry Climax expert Mike Brotherwood, who explained: "This car was ordered new with a 1220cc Coventry Climax engine and a ZF gearbox."Little is known about the Grantura from the time Leslie Fryer sold it in 1963, and Hayward would love to know if it continued to race. If you have any details, e-mail