More than just a jog in the snow

| 16 Mar 2011

We know Le Jog as the UK's toughest classic enduro, but the 4-7 December 2010 rally truly lived up to its reputation.

The first snow in 25 years hit the Cornish toe and resulted in the cancellation of nearly all the competitive sections over the last two days. Black ice presented a real challenge for the 35 crews that took part, more than half of which were from continental Europe.

Displaying true perseverance were Geoff McGladdery and Mark Foster in their Volvo Amazon. After experiencing brake problems in the West Country, they went home but chased back to rejoin in Telford.

Eduard Schorno and Christoph Betschart's Maserati Mistral (pictured above) made the last test, celebrating with lurid powerslides, but sadly didn't finish.

28 crews reached the John O'Groats finish line.

Gold medals went to the Mini Cooper of Kevin Haseldon/Michel Gerber, Singer Chamois of Jean-Marie Schmit/Thierry Hilger, and Mercedes 280TE of Helga and Selina Helmbold.