What colour should Port paint his Scimitar?


Author: Martin PortPublished:

It's audience participation time. Hands up if you have any suggestion as to what colour I paint my bargain-bucket Scimitar?

Once upon a time it was April Yellow, but now it has so many yellows splashed all over it, I'm not really sure which one that actually is – and anyway, I don't really want another yellow car.

My wife thinks we should paint it olive green, Elliott thinks black would look good, while everyone else I meet in the car park helpfully suggests I should leave it looking like a 'work in progress'.

Click here to download the above picture

Should I turn it into a homage to one of BMW's 'art cars'? Buy a big pack of marker pens and get busy? Wallpaper the outside? Vinyl wrap it? Brush paint it? Roller it? I need help.

In a bizarre twist, the current favourite idea is to paint it the same colour as my old Porsche 912, Crystal Blue. An odd choice, but I like the colour and think it could look rather nice if a little unoriginal.

So, I am turning to you, the readers, in my hour of need. Download the photo of my Scimitar, get busy with your Photoshop and send your results to martin.port@haymarket.com – you never know, you might just have the solution to my quandary.


Beech Hill Garage

BL Russett would suit it nicely...

James Butler

Cream or an off-white for me.


Something to match the character of the car... mid brown


Jaguar Primrose yellow


there used to be a purple one the guy over the road drove when i lived in sussex it suited the cars lines.

if i stopped buying old cars maybe i would have some money in the bank!


I had a Scimitar Sabre with the K series engine (The last model made under the Scimitar name) in BRG perhaps that would suit it?

wts bob


Mercedes Linarite Blue
It has metallic and pearl in the formula it is a subtle 'electric' blue.
I had an SE5a which I had painted in that colour.

Sent a picture of it to you by email.

Col O'Firth

A chap at school painted his mini 1000 maroon and he used a roler. Why not do the same?


Why just one color? You've got a crisp line for a two-tone. Perhaps Persian Orange and Creme like an old Allis Chalmers tractor. Or maybe do it up in camouflage; perhaps with a WWII-evoking toothy "Flying Tigers" effect up front.
But then, I'm an American...

62 Alfa 2600 convertible


Electric Blue

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