What colour should Port paint his Scimitar?

| 16 Sep 2011

It's audience participation time. Hands up if you have any suggestion as to what colour I paint my bargain-bucket Scimitar?

Once upon a time it was April Yellow, but now it has so many yellows splashed all over it, I'm not really sure which one that actually is – and anyway, I don't really want another yellow car.

My wife thinks we should paint it olive green, Elliott thinks black would look good, while everyone else I meet in the car park helpfully suggests I should leave it looking like a 'work in progress'.

Click here to download the above picture

Should I turn it into a homage to one of BMW's 'art cars'? Buy a big pack of marker pens and get busy? Wallpaper the outside? Vinyl wrap it? Brush paint it? Roller it? I need help.

In a bizarre twist, the current favourite idea is to paint it the same colour as my old Porsche 912, Crystal Blue. An odd choice, but I like the colour and think it could look rather nice if a little unoriginal.

So, I am turning to you, the readers, in my hour of need. Download the photo of my Scimitar, get busy with your Photoshop and send your results to martin.port@haymarket.com – you never know, you might just have the solution to my quandary.