Dozens of Minis flock to The Gong

| 31 Jan 2017

Minis In The Gong is a group of Mini enthusiasts from around Wollongong and the south coast area of NSW, although their annual Show ‘N’ Shine attracts cars from as far afield as Sydney, Canberra and the Southern Highlands.  

This year’s event was once again held at the Australian Motorlife Museum and attracted a field full of Mini variants including Coopers, vans, Mokes, a couple of new BMW models and a lone Riley Elf MkII.  Related models like a pair of ADO16s and even the odd Morris Minor were also welcomed.

The People’s Choice Award went to David Palmeiro for his red Mini Deluxe, while the Car of the Year trophy – voted for by fellow exhibitors – went to Dan Bateman for his modified 1962 Mini 850.  The car sports a twin-cam 16-valve cylinder head from a BMW K1100 motorbike on a 1380cc block, a popular modification these days.  

Ormond Miller’s 1964 Cooper S came up from Nowra

The group is open to all Mini fans so there was a mix of original, restored and modified Minis. A blue Mini van fitted with a turbocharged engine and a green Honda-powered Moke were the pick of the customised cars, but many more examples were restored to their original condition. 

Honda powered Moke

A trio of Mokes

ADO16 pair; note detail changes to door handles and grille on Australian built Morris 1300

Dan Bateman’s ‘Car Of The Year’

BMW head motor of Dan Bateman’s ’62 Mini

‘Car Of The Year’ trophy

Kevin Lucas’ Australian-built 1964 Morris Cooper features imported David Vizard engine and is prepared for competition

People’s Choice winner fronts modern BMW

Hot van sports turbo

Open conversion is braced with substantial roll hoop

Tim McGrath competes with the Classic Rally Club

Perfect Morris Mini Minor came all the way from Canberra on a trailer

Humorous dealer sticker for ‘Croker & Bridger BMC’ references Italian Job joke