Riviera classics go mountain climbing on new run

| 8 Feb 2012

A new classic run on the French Riviera left the comparative warmth of the seaside and headed straight up into the mountains for some serious winter motoring.

The one-day event was called the Prom' des Neiges and rose to a chilly height of 1670m in the southern Alps on 5 February.

To make things worse for competitors, the run's celebrated convertibles, roadsters and targas and participants were forbidden from putting up (or putting on) their roofs.

Organised by the Automobile Club De Nice (set up way back in 1896), the inaugural Prom' des Neiges attracted 15 classic cars and youngtimers.

Oldest was a 1930 Hotchkiss AM80 brought along by Claude Alquier, while others included Triumphs, TVRs, Porsches, Mercedes and more.