Chevrolet sculpture to be erected in Switzerland

| 20 Mar 2012

You may have to squint to see it in this picture, but this impressive five-metre high sculpture is a bust of Louis Chevrolet. Or, at least, it will be.

The sculpture, designed by Christian Gonzenbach, has won the Chevrolet centennial art contest, started on 3 November 3 201, the 100th anniversary of the American car brand.

It is to grace the Parc de l'Ouest in La Chaux-de-Fonds to remind visitors of one of the Swiss city's most famous sons.

An international jury selected Gonzenbach's design as the best, winning against submissions handed in by Lang/Baumann, Costas Varotsos, and Olivier Mosset and Sylvie Fleury.

Susan Docherty, chairwoman of the jury and president and managing director of Chevrolet Europe, said: "Christian Gonzenbach has created a work of art which the jury found the most emotionally engaging of the four unique proposals. His approach is as pioneering as the man who founded the Chevrolet brand. The visual complexity and ever changing reflections will make this piece of art very intriguing."

Geneva-based Gonzenbach added: "Many thanks to the jury for the confidence they have placed in me and my project. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to artistically express the pioneering spirit of 100 years of Chevrolet and carry forward the dynamism that Louis Chevrolet embodied throughout his life."

So how does it measure up to the man himself? Have a look at the picture below and another close look at the sculpture and we reckon it is a pretty good likeness.