Something for the weekend - the Alfa GT/GTV

| 28 Sep 2012

Some cars look pretty for all the right reasons – wide, low slung with perfectly placed curves.

If you were to describe the Alfa 105 Series GT and GTV to the uninitiated, you may have your work cut out. It’s a classic small coupé with a long bonnet and short back end, but to underestimate its beauty would be a disservice of war-crime proportions. Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone, it’s one of the definitive shapes of the ’60s.

The rear-wheel-drive Alfa’s a lot of fun, too, with a balanced feel, all-round disc brakes, your choice of fizzy four-cylinder engines and a slick five-speed ’box.

And it’s relatively rare in the UK. Back in ’64, the Giulia Sprint GT would set you back more than a Jaguar E-type and a heady £555 more than a MGB GT – not helped by import duties. But things change and now – despite a gradual increase in prices – a perfectly serviceable example could be yours for a tempting sum.

Something like this (pictured). Yes it’s in Belgium, but it scores points over its bargain-bucket cousin being both complete and (almost) completely original. It’s also in need of some love. Provide that TLC and you could be owner of a lust-worthy classic with a fantastically restrained deep-blue finish and tan-leather interior and all for a measly €12,000.

At that price care must be taken, though. Rust is the biggest problem with our man in the trade telling us that anything below knee height is fair game and things above it are not insusceptible either - a proper root around is a must. Meanwhile, clubs such as the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, and should be able to help with any questions.

Give it the attention it deserves and you could be left with an exquisite example such as this GT Junior (above). It’s not the range-topper by any stretch, but it does embody exactly what this car is about.

Or maybe it doesn’t. With all that heritage, it deserves to be out on the track. In which case, top-end money can get you a race-prepped car such as the one we saw here (shown below). It has 180bhp and a proven competitive pedigree.

And if that doesn’t tempt you, maybe our comprehensive buyer’s guide will, download it here.