World's first stretch E-type revealed but can you see the join?


In what is believed to a be a world first, an S1 Jaguar E-type has been seamlessly stretched by four and a half inches.

Dubbed the Kaizan – meaning 'understand the imperative to make continuous improvements and then get to work' – by owner Paul Branstad, the works started when the car suffered front-end damage in the USA.

While a full restoration was underway at Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth, Branstad decided that, though he adored the aesthetics of a 4.2 S1 roadster, he longed for the extra legroom of the V12 S3.

At the same time he commissioned a bespoke, matching trailer to help him travel all over the States. The trailer is joined to the car by a removable tow hitch which locks into position through the reversing light aperture.

The Jaguar was also treated to a whole range of mechanical upgrades during the restoration and the stunning results have just been revealed.

Nick Goldthorp, managing director of CMC, said: “The car is phenomenal to drive. This is the E-type that Jaguar Cars should have built. The extra space makes all the difference and actually alters the whole attitude of the car.”

Branstad added: “The stretched E-type I have conceived sits between the Series I and the subsequent vehicles produced after the merger and formation of British Leyland, when the design of the cars underwent several transformations as a consequence of cuts in production costs and the need for more space that resulted in the Series II 2+2 and Series III V12.”



Trailer? Hmmmm...


Congratulations to Mr. Branstad

.. on a very beautiful result of a great and creative project. Would love to see more details !


Hah the irony! Finally one single enlighted individual involved in the british motor industry adopts the very thing that killed it off in the first place - Kaizan principles, which the Japanese adopted and used with devastating effect, the by-product of which was to outperform British industry at virtually every level.

Still, we're only 50-years behind the game.......


I really can't see the point here. Since a V12 is 9 ins longer than a S1 or 2 - and much cheaper at the moment - I can't think that the question of fuel consumption entered into the owner's head bearing in mind the conversion cost. And if he has an accident, then standard parts won't fit, plus there is one half of an E-type looking for it's rear half. A sad and frankly unconscionable tale.


Not the first, I think. Jason Len, owner of XKSS (Jag parts) in California
built one of these several years ago, and subsequently sold it to Jay Leno. The details may be available on Jay's website, but in short: Jason used a V12 tub and front end, with the rear bodywork of a Series 1, and modified the headlights on the V12 bonnet with glass covers, to resemble the Series 1.

Ray Lynch

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