2-Seater coupés.

Delectable highly-strung little rear-engined coupés, mainly based on Fiat 600, but with Simca-Abarths built on Simca 1000 floorpan. Engines on Fiat-Abarths (700cc-1000cc) are either tuned pushrod derivatives of 600 unit or the same with Abarth Twin-cam conversion; SImca-Abarth (1300cc/1600cc/2000cc) uses all-Abarth twin-cam units, unrelated to any Simca engine. Bodies on Fiat-Abarths are generally either by Zagato or have round-tail or Kamm-tail Abarth-built shells of similar but clearner style; these in-house designs are carried over to the Simca-Abarths. Engine/body permutations a nightmare. Most variants make it across the Channel, as do Abarth conversions of Fiat 500/600/850 (although these were often UK-executed); additionally, in the late sixties Radbourne built up a handful of hybrid Simca-Abarths, with-pushrod Fiat 124 engines.

Technical Specifications
various capacities 700cc-2000cc (S4 OHV/DOC)
Rear engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1956 to 1965
Number produced
prod: n/a
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