2-door 4-seater coupé.

New 6-Series coupés took over from long-running 1965-75 coupés for 1976. With much chassis engineering, which was to be common with still-secret 7-Series saloons. Bigger and heavier than replaced models (but identical wheelbase), still with Karmann style and initially assembled there too, but familiar all -independent, all-disc brakes, powered-steering chassis underneath. 630CS/633CS only at first, but definitive range from 1979 was 2.8-litre 28CSi, 3.2-litre 633CSi (USA only), and 140mph 3.5-litre 635CSi. Extended distinction only by badging, and front/rear spoilers on 635CSi. Broad-shouldered, excellently-engineered image.

Technical Specifications
2788cc/2985cc/3210cc/3453cc/3430cc (S6 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1976 to 2011
Number produced
still in production
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