2-door 4-seater fastback saloon.

Familiar Bristol chassis (dating from forties) but with entirely new body style to replace old 411 Series V model. Two engines at first but small 5.2-litre Chrysler 'economy' engine dropped after 1977. For 1978 there was only the one type of 603 (now dubbed S2) with standard air-conditioning, and it carried on to the end of 1982, when same body style was re-touched, re-engined, and named Brigand or Britannia. Performance sank as Chrysler engines lost tune, but most did 125/130mph. Big, heavy and beautifully made.

Technical Specifications
5211cc/5900cc (V8 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1976 to 1982
Number produced
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