2-door 4-seater fixed-head coupé.

Stylist Bill Mitchell's 'personal' Buick, a straight Ford T-Bird competitor in its second generation from autumn 1965. Ran on 119ins separate chassis, with coil spring ifs and vast, powerful V8 engine. Same basic body as front-drive Cadillac Eldorado, but different skin panels, having characteristic wing crown 'kick-up' over rear wheels. 130mph possible in all models, so front discs (optional for 1968) were essential. Only one body style throughout, with 7-litre engine for 1968, 7.4 litres for 1970 only. Replaced by new style for 1971.

Technical Specifications
6544cc/7041cc/7468cc (V8 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1965 to 1970
Number produced
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