5-door 5-seater hatchback.

Yet another gap-filling Citroën - this time between the Dyane and the GS. Front-wheel drive, like all modern Citroëns, engine choice being enlarged 2CV type or Peugeot 104 (transverse mounting) type. All on 95ins wheelbase, with front discs, quirky styling, all-independent suspension with soft ride, but no high-pressure hydraulics or other large Citroën components. Successful by any standards, and range still developing (don't forget 4 x 4 Group B 'Mille pistes' rally special - though not of this period).

Technical Specifications
653cc (HO2 OHV). 1124cc/1219cc/1360cc (S4 Tr OC)
Front engine, front-wheel drive
Production dates
1978 to 1988
Number produced
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