2-door 2-seater, 2 + 2-seater sports coupé, Targa-top coupé.

Bigger, broader, heavier, uglier successor to original Z-car. Different (semi-trailing) independent rear, fuel-injected engines, and discs all round. Top speed down to 115mph, and acceleration reduced - much more of a boulevard car strictly for USA, selling 70,000 per year there in 1979. Japanese cars were 'Fairlady' again, some with 2-litre engine, but not for Britain. Also USA-only Turbo. UK sales began 1979, Targa-top version sold here from 1981.

Technical Specifications
1998cc/2753cc (56 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1978 to 1983
Number produced
414,358 incl. 31,701 2-litres
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