FIAT X1/9, X1/9 1500

2-door 2-seater Targa-top sports coupé.

Excellent statement of seventies mid-engine sports car design, by Bertone, taken up by Fiat. Effectively replaced 850 Spider (also with structure built by Bertone). Extremely successful, especially in USA, until Fiat's rust reputation caught up with it. Looked much faster than it was (100mph from 1300 version, 105-110mph from 1500), but handling and packaging superb. Engine/transmission pack behind seats, almost straight out of front-engined 128 Rallye. In very small-scale production since '82 badged as a 'Bertone'.

Technical Specifications
1290cc/1498cc (S4 Tr OC)
Mid engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1972 to 1989
Number produced
approx. 180,000
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