2-door 2+2 seater sports coupé.

Same basic car as small-engined Capris using Zephyr/Zodiac engines and transmission, plus bigger disc brakes. Most sold as automatics, especially 5-litres, and more had high-level trim packs. No 3-litres before '70, and top version was plush 3000E. Same facia and sheet metal changes as small-engined cars for '73, with four headlamps on 3000s. 115-120mph for 3000s, plus great, if somewhat untamed, character - they hit other British sports car sales very badly.

Technical Specifications
1996cc (V4 OHV), 2994cc (V6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1968 to 1974
Number produced
included in Capri 1300/1600
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