3-door 4-seater sports hatchback.

The mixture as before, smartened up with four headlamp nose in little-changed sheet metal, but even more refined for continued sale into eighties. Sales gradually fell away and range contracted, with 1300 dropped for '82, and 3-litre dropped in favour of injected 2.8-litre months earlier. 1600 and 2000 survived to end, though 2.8i was mid-1980s star. Final Capri was the 'limited edition' Capri 280 with leather trim and Brooklands Green paintwork.

Technical Specifications
1297cc (S4 OHV), 1593cc/1993cc (S4 OC), 2994cc (V6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1977 to 1986
Number produced
324,045, all Capri IIIs
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