2-door 2-seater sports coupé.

The 'Ford Stratos' that might have been, conceived as potential world rally winner by Boreham competitions team. First car built in 1970, with steel underpan, GRP body, all independent suspension, discs and mid-mounted engine. Power could have been by 1.6-litre BDA or by V6 RS2600, with five-speed ZF transaxle - anything from 120bhp upwards. Promising at first, then hurt badly by Ford financial problems, finally killed off by resurgence of conventional Escort RS1600. None sold officially, and just one survives in Britain. Two (ex-South Africa) now in US.

Technical Specifications
1599cc (S4 DOC), 2637cc (V6 OHV)
Mid engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1969 to 1972
Number produced
4 prototypes
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