2-door/4-door 6-seater saloon/estate/hardtop coupé/convertible.

Classiest derivative of standard 'full-size' Ford car of seventies, on same separate frame as Galaxic, Custom and similar types. Huge and heavy - 121ins wheelbase, weighing up to 4300lbs (saloons) or 4700lbs (Country Squire estates) - with typical wallowy Detroit handling of the period. Several body style revisions on same basic chassis during its run, all linked to Galaxies. Some coupé shells had much in common with current Thunderbids. Top of the line was 'Brougham', and all types had characteristic prominent nose. Downsized for 1979, not sold here. LTD stands for 'Limited Edition', but Ford sold millions of them!

Technical Specifications
5769cc/6391cc/6590cc/7030cc/7544cc (V8 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1968 to 1978
Number produced
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