HUDSON EIGHT (1934-35)

Victoria, 4-door sedan, club sedan, brougham, coupé, convertible coupé, sports tourer, sports saloon, foursome drophead coupé.

Down-market, and only an eight-cylinder Terraplane with a choice of 116ins or 123ins wheelbases, aggressive vee grille, and ugly beaver tails to sedans. Power options of up to 124bhp available. '34s have wire wheels, '35s come with steel spoke equipment and new, narrow grilles. Axleflex ifs on most British-market cars, electric hand hear-shift available 1935. English custom bodies by R.E.A.L., Carlton, Coachcraft and Berkeley.

Technical Specifications
4168cc (S8 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1934 to 1935
Number produced
26,300 approx
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