2-door sports saloon, 2-door coupè., convertible.

Vignale comes up with a modern body for the Chrysler-powered Jensen - but it's all-steel and prone to bad rusting. Manual is listed for MkI, but all except 24 are automatic; servo discs all-round, and Powr-Lok differential. Power steering standard for '69, revised dash, interior and frontal treatment for 1970 (MkII), vented discs and alloy wheels, plus new rear seats, for 1972 (MkIII). Bigger 7.2-litre engine in SP, introduced in autumn 1971, and boasting 'Six Pack' of triple twin-choke carbs, 385bhp, air-con and louvred bonnet; milder 7.2, with single four-choke carb and 330bhp, standardised in J-Series Interceptor of 1973. Convertibles from '74, scarce (c.60) coupè from '75. Desirable but thirsty hot-rods, all of them.

Technical Specifications
6276cc/7212cc (V8 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1966 to 1973
Number produced
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