Jano's lovely if complex alloy 60-degree V6 with hemi heads, in conjunction with four-speed synchro transaxle and inboard rear brakes. Originally a modest 1750, but progressively uprated: B21 has 2-litre 70bhp engine, its replacement B22 a 90bhp unit, and 1954-55 B12 has 2.2-litre 87bhp engine and leaf-sprung De Dion back end instead of original semi-trailing irs. A fine and technically pioneering car, but expensive to maintain/restore, and it rusts.

Technical Specifications
1754cc (B10)/1991cc (B21/B22)/2266cc (B12) (V6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1950 to 1955
Number produced
12,786 and 783 special-bodied
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