Land Rover

Land Rover

2-door, multi-body choice, 88ins or 109ins.

Rover's ubiquitous four wheel-drive 'workhorse' is still, with little competition (except from BMC's Gipsy), enjoying a huge market share worldwide. Near-unbreakable chassis, rock-hard leaf springs, and rot-proof aluminium bodies of many types. For us, the 88ins 7-seater/109ins 12-seater estates were nearest to being 'cars'; pre-Range Rover, there was little other choice where off-road traction was needed. But will your liver stand it?

Technical Specifications
2286cc (S4 OHV), 2286cc (S4 OHV Diesel), 2625cc (S6 OHV)
Front engine, four-wheel drive
Production dates
1961 to 1971
Number produced
approx 450,000, all types
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