Land Rover

Land Rover

2-door, multi-body choice, 88ins or 109ins.

Visually like SIIA Land-Rover, but with a new all-synchromesh gearbox and more civilised facia. Smooth-nosed derivative with the Range Rover's V8 engine and transmission only sold on 109ins wheelbase types. Long-running SIIIs displaced in mid-eighties by coil sprung Ninety and One-Ten models.

Technical Specifications
2286cc (S4 OHV), 2286cc (S4 OHV Diesel), 2625cc (S6 OHV), 3528cc (V8 OHV).
Front engine, four-wheel drive
Production dates
1970 to 1985
Number produced
approx 800,000 all types
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