MARENDAZ 17/97, 17/80, 17/100

Tourer, foursome coupé, drophead coupé, saloon.

Again Continental powered, this time bored-out and good for  80+mph, even with the single downdraught Solex carb. The 17/80, catalogued from '34 till the firm's demise in '36, is on the same 116ins wheelbase chassis but has thermostatic radiator shutters, those flashy outside exhaust headers and a further enlarged Continental unit. 17/100, marketed for two years only, is Zoller-blown. All bodies attractive, especially the saloon with disc wheels on the 17/80 chassis.

Technical Specifications
2368/2469cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1933 to 1936
Number produced
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