4-door 6-seater limousine/4-door/6-door 8-seater limousine.

Choose between enormous and gargantuan - 126ins or 153ins wheelbases - for M-B's massive 'top people's car', effectively competing only against Rolly's-Royce. Huge V8 engine, air suspension, air conditioning, and electro-hydraulic power assistance for seats, windows, and other fittings. In spite of surprisingly good handling (all-independent suspension), and four wheel discs, still a dauntingly large and heavy machine. Style not to everyone's taste (even possible customers), and only built in very small numbers: also a handful of landaulettes. Of course it's a classic today!

Technical Specifications
6332cc (V8 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1963 to 1981
Number produced
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