MORGAN 4/4 (1935-39)

Open 4-seater, open 2-seater, drophead coupé.

Morgan's first four wheeler; present day cars look little different. First cars had a Coventry Climax engine mated to a four speed Meadows 'box. In '39, an ohv version of the Standard 1126cc engine was offered, allied to a Moss 'box. 1098cc Climax unit was for the rare Le Mans Replica model with its cycle wings and sloping tail body style. Suspension was by sliding pillar type ifs with a live axle and semi elliptics at the rear, and the car was virtually unchanged after the war.

Technical Specifications
1122cc/1098cc/1126cc (S4 IO/IO/OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1935 to 1939
Number produced
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