NASH SIX (1930-33)

Saloon, 2-door saloon, 7-seater saloon, de luxe saloon, drophead coupé with dickey, tourer, sports tourer, landaulette.

OHV engine is another Twin Ignition unit, available only for the '30 model season, good for 75mph, and used three speed 'box, mechanical brakes with right hand brake lever and two wheelbases, a long 1281/4ins and short 118ins. Sidevalves had a six-cross-member double drop frame on 1141/2ins wheelbase, with enlarged engine for '32 as well as sloping screens and synchromesh. No vee grilles, sixes had to make do with a flat rad.

Technical Specifications
3301cc/3572cc/3983cc (S6 SV/SV/OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1930 to 1933
Number produced
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