OPEL KADETT (1979-84)

2-door/4-door 4-seater saloon/hatchback saloon/estate.

First transverse-engine, front-wheel-drive generation of Kadetts, also badged as Vauxhall Astra from 1980. Typically complex range of engines, most eventually receiving five-speed transmissions. In UK, Kadetts eased out of favour of Astras by GM management, but extremely successful in all countries. In UK most sold with 1.3-litre/1.6-litre engines. 1.8-litre GT/E (115bhp) of 1983 was most exciting type. No diesels before 1982.

Technical Specifications
993cc/1196 (S4 Tr OHV), 1297cc/1598cc/1796cc (S4 Tr OC), 1598cc Diesel (S4 Tr OC)
Front engine, front-wheel drive
Production dates
1979 to 1984
Number produced
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