Saloon, club saloon, touring saloon, fixed-head coupé, convertible coupé, touring coupé, saloon de luxe.

A lifeline for the company, its first real sally into the middle class car market, and it sold in numbers. Full specification included coil spring ifs, hydraulic brakes, hypoid bevel final drive, beautifully made five main bearing engine with alloy head and dual choke carb mated to a three-speed synchro 'box in the 120ins wheelbase frame. Good for over 80mph, '35s have suicide doors along with less elegant and more 'pop' styling, '36 models have the larger 120hp engine and the doors were now front hinged, and '37s have automatic radiator shutters and a new 25 gallon fuel tank.

Technical Specifications
3668cc/4620cc (S8 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1935 to 1937
Number produced
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