5-door 5-seater hatchback saloon.

Renaults biggest-engined post-war car, using co-operative PRV V6 engine mounted head of transmission, front-wheel drive, smooth sloping back hatchback style, and all independent suspension, like a new-generation 16 range. For this large executive car (14ft 10ins long, nearly 3000lbs unladen), however, all-coil spring suspension was standard, with floor gear change, automatic transmission optional, and four-wheel disc brakes. As ever with this size of Renault, soft seating and a soft ride, plus cavernous load space if required. 110mph-plus, too, and really a better car than the similarly-engined Volvo 264s and Peugeot 604s, TX with five-speed transmission, from 1979, was best of all. New and sleek 25 V6 took over in 1984.

Technical Specifications
2664c (V6 OC)
Front engine, front-wheel drive
Production dates
1975 to 1984
Number produced
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