Salon, sliding head saloon.

Unitary construction at last on a Renault, but little of technical interest in this Opel Kadett lookalike. There was transverse leaf ifs, but still there was a beam axle at the rear, sprung by a transverse leaf. The engine had sidevalves though it did have three main bearings, brakes were mechanical, and there was a three-speed synchro 'box with floor change. '39 cars had a 3ins longer wheelbase at 921/2ins, and the Juva reflected the growing interest in fuel economy in France. 60mph possible, the car survived the war, and with its faired-in lights and lack of running boards it does look like a clone Kadett and drew remarks about the resemblance at the time. Rare in this country.

Technical Specifications
1003cc (S4 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1938 to 1939
Number produced
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